Updates from the Social Meeting

Thank you to everyone who came to last night’s South End Advocacy League Social Meeting.  Some good topics were addressed regarding the South End District and we will do our best to move forward with these ideas.


A Marketing suggestion for the South End District was to include a Monthly Blog/Post to showcase a business and/or individual from the South End.  This can then be added to our social media campaign as well as to the website.  This has the ability to further exemplify the qualities that make-up the South End District.

Interactive Map

The concept of a map highlighting the businesses and attractions of the South End was broached.  This was already an idea for the website and may take some time to be polished.  It was mutually agreed that this would be beneficial for visitors so any suggestions on implementation would be appreciated.

Extending Nominations

Nominations for Board of Director positions for the South End Advocacy League were to close today (4/15) at 5PM.  As there is still a somewhat limited response, the date will be pushed back one week to 4/22 at 5PM.  Please take the time to send an email to the South End Advocacy League to nominate yourself or someone you feel would represent the South End District.

We appreciate feed back and suggestions.  The South End Advocacy League will do our best to disseminate that information throughout the District.  While we understand that not everyone has schedules to permit attending the meetings, we will continue with the current format to provide some level of flexibility.  Each month there will be an evening social meeting and a morning business meeting.  If conflicts prohibit your participation at any of the meetings, we encourage you to stay involved through communication at Southenddistrict@gmail.com.

Together we can continue to strengthen the South End District.