The New Year in the South End

Alright, there has been notable activity in the South End District even last year, but there is definitely some movement happening in the community.  The Fainting Goat and the Bearded Goat are in full swing.  Boxcar, the long awaited barcade (bar + arcade) is opening this afternoon.  Bloom, DGI, and the businesses in the 532 S Elm building have settled in to the location.  Paper can be seen in several of the windows of tenant spaces indicating positive movement inside.  While there is not any paper on the windows, the big dumpster and sound of renovation gives proof that at last, movement has started on the Cascade Saloon building.  Master masons are finishing the extension of the sidewalk on East Lewis street as well as the curb appeal being implemented at the transition of the South End and Union Square districts at Elm and Gate City.  Yes, not everything started on January 1st, but if January is any indication, the South End should have a lot of exciting development occur this year.  We will keep you posted.