SEAL Monthly Business

Tuesday morning was the monthly business meeting of the South End Advocacy League.  Several updates were discussed regarding the District including news about some on going development projects.  We are looking forward to two different venues that appear to be moving forward with leases in the South End District.

The first is a group out of Charlotte which is looking to bring the concept of a craft cocktail establishment to the back portion of the 603 S Elm Street Building.  Work by developer Eric Robert will continue in the front of that building as he continues to bring his innovated designs to the South End.  We will keep you updated with more news about scheduling as we learn about it.

The building at 120 W Lewis is also going to find a new tenant entering the space in the near future.  The concept of a barcade (Bar with classic arcade) will add to the growing entertainment in the South End.  The Boxcar, which is already operating to our east in Raleigh will expand their business to our District.  Hopefully, we will be able to start stacking tokens by the beginning of August.

The 532 S Elm Building is also getting close to welcoming its tenants.  While the ground floor may be on hold for now, the rest of the building will hopefully see business tenants moving in at the start of July. If you have not seen the renovations yet, take a look when you find yourself at the Elm-Lewis Cross streets.

Discussion again returned to some of the upcoming events planned for the South End District.  First Friday will see the rotating street closure take effect on S Elm between Barnhardt and Lewis streets for this month’s event.  City Market will continue in the Railyard Parking lot the Third Thursday in June.  Hopefully, the weather will be better than at the last event; but even so, May’s event still had a decent turnout despite Nature’s attempt to dampen it.  The Brews Festival Opening event on Lewis Street is moving forward and we are looking forward to the local Triad Breweries that will be participating.  Keep an eye on our social media and website news letters to keep up to date on all of these events.

Lastly, there is  still on going negotiations with Arts Greensboro and the National Folk Festival to see how the South End will participate this year.  There are still points that need clarified and as we learn more we will pass those items along to you.