The Bearded Goat

Check out the newest libation establishment in the South End District.  Located on East Lewis, you can’t miss it.  And hopefully, they will be serving on their back patio soon.  Nothing more enjoyable than a cool Autumn evening with some good friends and great refreshments on a downtown patio!

Street Closure!!!!

Please update your District neighbors about the Closure of W. Lewis street on Tuesday, October 18th from 6AM to as late as 3PM.  The closure is for the filming of a commercial.  The specific area of closure is West of the alley to the Railyard lot.  Access for local residents and businesses will be allowed to those using the alley.  Access to the Railyard parking lot will be at Barnhardt, and there will be an officer assisting with entering/exiting traffic at Barnhardt.

Should the date or specifics change, we will let you know.

Overall, this event could capture and advertise some of the energy we all know exist in the South End District.

News from the Meeting

September has flown by but not without some notable activity in the South End District.  The South End Funk and Folk took place during the National Folk Festival, and shortly following was Elsewhere’s celebration on Elm Street.  If you missed the Ferris Wheel, you also missed the unique view from high up on South Elm.  Maybe with a little suggesting, they can bring it back next year.  Also, the Forge promoted the Greensboro Makers’ Faire this last weekend.

Hopefully, you didn’t miss the festivities, but no worries, First Friday is just around the corner.  The South End Advocacy League discussed increasing the draw to the South End District during these on going Friday Events.  Some great ideas were shared and we will keep you up to speed with those ideas as they continue to get finely tuned.

As the leaves in the District start to turn, the air gets a little cooler, we hope to see you down here enjoying the shops, the restaurants, and the events in the South End District.


Folk Festival Street Closures

The Folk Festival is around the corner and while you probably have already heard about the planned street closures for Downtown, here is a link to the City’s closure map:

Folk Festival Street Closures

Furthermore, here is a link to the timing of those closures during this week:

Street Closure Schedule

Also, don’t forget to stay down in the South End and enjoy the continuation of music in the District!


Sunday Street Closures

Sunday’s Running Event:  The Greensboro Growler Gallop Gibb’s Hundred 10K


o   Event Timeframe: 5pm to 7: 30pm

o   Event Location: South Elm District, Private ‘Railyard’ parking lot, W. Lewis St.

o   Street Closures: 4:30pm to 7pm

The Closures will include Elm Street from Gate City Boulevard to Smother’s Pl.  Local residents and businesses will have limited access to Lewis Street.


Please be aware and try to adjust your travel as much as possible to minimize issues.



Your Feedback!

Hey, South End Advocacy League members and supporters, we need your input.  The business meetings still have a large number of people participating, but the social meetings seem to be diminishing.  Tonights meeting is being pushed back until September due to lack of response to venue selection and limited number of people able to attend.  Please give us feedback as to how we can better meet your needs and get you to these meetings.  Send a message to to let us know your thoughts.


Looks like the South End District just had some new art installed.  The Jeansboro Statue is one of five coming to the downtown area to reflect the role of the Denim Industry here in Greensboro.  The designs were submitted by Guilford County School students and were selected by judges from Cone Denim and Wrangler.  Not sure when the official unveiling will occur (a guess would be this First Friday), but I doubt anyone would say anything if you peeked under the curtain…



For a more in-depth story, check out the article in Yes!Weekly.

S.E.A.L. Update

Although not as in depth as the actual minutes, here is an overview of the topics that were discussed during the last South End Advocacy League meeting on July 26th.

The majority of the discussion was centered on the plans to support a South End District event that will coincide with the National Folk Festival.  Several businesses have already pledged to support some of the funding of the event and include:  Vivid, Gibb’s Hundred Brewing, Greensboro Distilling, AZ Development, The Bearded Goat, and Wet Willies.  The event is being organized by the South End District and Arts Greensboro.  Marketing will be included alongside the advertising of the National Folk Festival.  The venue will also be included in the “app” that is being produced for the National event.  Specifics on timing and participating performers is still on going but both Arts Greensboro and Jeff Yetter (who is undertaking the planning for the South End District) are optimistic on the outcome.

Outside of the event, there was a interest in encouraging further membership with the organization.  No formal plans were set for membership outreach, but if you or your business is interested in joining the South End Advocacy League, please contact us at

Developments in some of the projects occurring in the South End District were also brought forward at the meeting.  Boxcar Barcade is on schedule to open late summer, early fall.  Andy Zimmerman said progress on the deck and overall building should be seen soon.  As for the 532 Building, renovations are nearing completion.  The W on Elm is slated to have one of the first floor spaces and will serve light food options (catered from their main establishment on Elm).  Additionally, they plan to have a flora shop to support their catering/event business.  As a side, they will have fresh cut flowers which they will place in containers out front when possible.  Along side the flowers, they will also have a small selection of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Looks like we might actually get the feel of an “urban market”.

Table 16 is under new ownership as mentioned in a previous news release.  There are some large renovations occurring and hopefully we will see their doors open soon fro both lunch and dinner.

If you know of other news regarding the District, or have questions we might be able to help answer; please contact us at

Lights Out

The latest from Duke Energy is that the scheduled power outage will occur this Saturday, August 6th, starting near 10:30PM.  The suspected amount of time will be 6 hours (down from the initial 12 hours).  It is still not clear whether W. Lewis Street will be closed during this time or what access will be for the alley behind the 500 Block of S Elm.

Please make appropriate arrangements especially if you have any medical conditions or pets.

As always, we will keep you abreast of changes as we learn about them.