News from the Meeting

September has flown by but not without some notable activity in the South End District.  The South End Funk and Folk took place during the National Folk Festival, and shortly following was Elsewhere’s celebration on Elm Street.  If you missed the Ferris Wheel, you also missed the unique view from high up on South Elm.  Maybe with a little suggesting, they can bring it back next year.  Also, the Forge promoted the Greensboro Makers’ Faire this last weekend.

Hopefully, you didn’t miss the festivities, but no worries, First Friday is just around the corner.  The South End Advocacy League discussed increasing the draw to the South End District during these on going Friday Events.  Some great ideas were shared and we will keep you up to speed with those ideas as they continue to get finely tuned.

As the leaves in the District start to turn, the air gets a little cooler, we hope to see you down here enjoying the shops, the restaurants, and the events in the South End District.