Spring is Here

Come check out the South End District this weekend.  There is a lot happening Downtown, but don’t forget to get to the South End District as well.  Music is in the air on Friday night with Jazz at the Worx and Sunday at the Community Theater of Greensboro’s Brunch.  Also, the annual Greensboro Downtown Residents’ association is having their annual Sip-N-Stroll.  While the event is sold-out, it doesn’t mean you can’t catch-up with some friends along the route and have a pint along side them.  For those of you with a sweet tooth, Crawford’s Creations is having their Saturday Cupcake event at 10AM.  Do get there early, as the special event is done when they sell out; and, they will not reserve any, even for their regulars.  Now that you have had your fill, work it off with some Yoga at Gibb’s Hundred Brewing Company on Sunday morning, 10:45AM.  Beyond the events, the regular South End District shops will be open, and it looks to be a nice weekend to just wander through the South End District.


While we will do our best to update you on what’s happening in the South End District, don’t hesitate to check out each venues website for more information.


Have a great weekend.