Going to the Goats

The South End District seems to be attracting goats, and this is really good news.  Travel west along Lewis Street and you will see the progress at the Greensboro Distillery Co – Fainting Goat Spirits.  The Distillery located at 115 W Lewis Street has been busy renovating the former Forge site to start producing its spirits hopefully in the next couple months (if not sooner).  The kettles and stills are in place and they have joined Gibbs Hundred in emitting that bread-like aroma that comes from extracting simple sugars from the coarse grains.

Travel east along Lewis one will soon find the Bearded Goat Bar, located at the back of 603 S Elm St.  The space is slated to hold a craft cocktail bar and the description is enticing and fitting for a building being renovated by Eric Robert.  Hopefully, the up-fit will not take long so both visitors and South Enders alike will be able to enjoy the amazing patio at the back of the building soon.  For even more of the story, check out the article by Jeff Sykes in last week’s Yes!Weekly.

While the Goats have taken the spot light, more developments continue to grow in the South End District, and we will continue to update you on their progress as we learn more.