Fun Fourth in South End


Not even the heat could keep the people off the streets of Downtown, and that held true for the South End District as well.  Whether strolling along Elm Street, running under the spray from the ladder truck, or meandering back to listen to music from the Rail Yard Stage, there was no denying that the festivities were happening in the South End.  Food Trucks for those on the go, or shaded tables at the Worx or Gibbs Hundred gave options for both the visitors and residents of the South End.  Those needing a reprieve from the sun could tour Elsewhere, Fainting Goat Spirits, or the Forge; or simply browse through the several stores and galleries that stayed open for the Holiday.  As evening approached the crowds were drawn to the east side of downtown for the fireworks, but for those who stayed, the close proximity meant a great vantage point even from the South End.