Fat Tuesday Now Open!

The sign has been promising its arrival for weeks now, but the wait is over.  Earlier this week, Fat Tuesday started serving it’s fare of food and slushies with an adult spin.  The crowds have been growing so make sure you are not the last of your friends to visit.  See you at Fat Tuesday.

Up Coming Street Closures.

Fun Fourth is just around the corner and with it some street closures.  Included under the News Tab is a listing of all upcoming street closures that are known by the South End Advocacy League.  Please check back periodically to ensure you are up to date on possible closures so it does not impact your travel to the District.

S.E.A.L meeting updates!

This afternoon, the South End Advocacy League held its monthly business meeting.  Those individuals present shared information regarding some of the upcoming activity slated for the District.  This included some of the retail events such as Element’s sidewalk sale, as well as the National Water Color Society’s meeting occurring at Ambleside Gallery next month.  Additionally, Andy Zimmerman of AZ Development shared some of the changes soon to occur around the Lewis Street area; mentioning the positive movement of a music venue in the back suite of the 120 E Lewis building, as well as the arrival of a new building mural.  Across Elm, the progress on The House of Taps continues to move closer to completion, and we should all be able to enjoy the venue soon.  While a definitive date was not reported on the Sweet Basil’s Bistro, the understanding at this time is an anticipated opening early to mid summer.

The meeting then turned back to planning for the signature fall festival event that is being designed to showcase the District.  While it is in a preliminary stage, the hope of the group is to create a notable event that will highlight the energy of this community.  Continued out-reach to businesses and individuals in the South End is expected over the next several weeks to measure the community’s interest in supporting the festival.  We will keep you up to date as it continues to be shaped.

Thinking of Autumn

Ok, ok, ok.  I realize that we haven’t even made it to Spring but thoughts in the South End District are turning to October.  The initial steps of a District Festival are in the works and we are getting excited about the potential. We definitely want to showcase the venues of the South End and we want to be inclusive of those living, working, and visiting the South End District.  The initial planning is already taking place, but the specifics are still not concrete.  If you have ideas or suggestions, please share them with us:  southenddistrict@gmail.com or mark@gibbshundred.com.

Help Me!

I recognized in the latest update about the South End District, an overview of some developments was provided.  By no means, is that a comprehensive summary of the happenings in the South End.  With that said, we (I) need your help.  If you know of exciting news occurring anywhere in the District, please pass it along.  If you own a business or have an organization that can share some insightful information about yourself, please pass it along.  The simple goal of the South End Advocacy Group is to promote the South End District, and educate the larger community about the District.  The more we can share, the more we can grow; so please help us in that endeavor.  We all want to be in this together.

The New Year in the South End

Alright, there has been notable activity in the South End District even last year, but there is definitely some movement happening in the community.  The Fainting Goat and the Bearded Goat are in full swing.  Boxcar, the long awaited barcade (bar + arcade) is opening this afternoon.  Bloom, DGI, and the businesses in the 532 S Elm building have settled in to the location.  Paper can be seen in several of the windows of tenant spaces indicating positive movement inside.  While there is not any paper on the windows, the big dumpster and sound of renovation gives proof that at last, movement has started on the Cascade Saloon building.  Master masons are finishing the extension of the sidewalk on East Lewis street as well as the curb appeal being implemented at the transition of the South End and Union Square districts at Elm and Gate City.  Yes, not everything started on January 1st, but if January is any indication, the South End should have a lot of exciting development occur this year.  We will keep you posted.

Welcome to the South End

Downtown Greensboro Incorporated has settled into their new ground level space at the corner of Lewis and South Elm.  While we know they represent all of Downtown, it will be nice to have them working out of the South End.  Hopefully, the new location will make them more approachable and will help draw-in people with creative and ambitious ideas for downtown.  As neighbors, we really want to welcome DGI to the District.

Updates from the Meeting

Ideas are percolating for future events and activities in the South End District.  From First Friday “packages” to street vendors selling crafts, the group discussed some of the possible ways to keep drawing visitors to the District.  While the November First Friday is approaching too quickly to formally organize a congruent event, and December’s is built around the always popular Festival of Lights, there are multiple opportunities to expand as the new year begins.  If you have ideas on creative activities that will help to continue to promote the District, please reach out on our contact email.

Venue change.

Please note that the S.E.A.L. business meeting scheduled for next Tuesday will be located at Gibb’s Hundred Brewery at the 8:30AM time period.

And Please pass it along to others who are planning to attend.



Closure update!!

The previously mentioned closure of West Lewis is moving back a day.  The scheduled closure is now planned for Wednesday, October 19th between 6AM and 3PM.  Those needing access to the lot can still enter and temporarily exit on Barnhardt.  The access to the Alley off of Lewis will remain open.

It is unlikely anything will change, but should it happen, we will pass it on to you.