The Bell

The South End Bell


1904:  C.C. Hudson starts the Hudson Overall Company in the loft space above Coe Brothers Grocery Store on South Elm Street in Greensboro, North Carolina.

1919:  The Hudson Overall Co. expands and opens a production factory on South Elm Street at the current location of Old Greensborough Gateway Center.  In the new location, the company’s name is changed to the Blue Bell Overall Company.  Stories say that the railroad workers who frequented the Gate City, gave C.C. Hudson a bell which later became heavily covered in blue denim dust; thus, the Blue Bell.

1943:  Blue Bell Overall Co. acquires the Wrangler line from Casey Jones Clothing Co.

A Legacy is Created


1983:  Blue Bell and VF Corporation merge transferring the Wrangler name to the current company.

Thus, a contemporary company which still finds itself embraced by the Gate City, can truly find significant roots in the South End District of Downtown Greensboro.  In an attempt to honor that long tradition of Greensboro, the South End District embraces the symbol of the bell; a symbol that if one looks close enough, can be seen in the silhouette of the railroad spur passing though the District.